Car Audio

We deal with the sale and installation of Car Audio products, we are always available to advise you in the best possible choice and assembly of the car radio that best suits your needs.

With us you can also find speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, as well as all those accessories that are essential for installation

We also have CUSTOM FIT solutions, where speakers and radios are designed for your specific car model and adapt perfectly to the original arrangements.
This product line is equipped with all the accessories needed for installation.



In addition to music for entertainment and / or fun, we take care of all those products that are now indispensable in our car such as parking sensors, bluetooth hands-free, reversing cameras and alarms.


Audio-Video Services

We are able to supply and install products for professional Audio and Video applications.

We follow the design for the construction of residential and commercial audio environments.

We deal with products suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations such as restaurants, hotels, shops, bars, gardens, small and medium-sized offices and boats.

We work in collaboration with expert designers, technicians and professionals in the sector which allows us to offer the customer a complete, personalized, fast and attentive service to the specific needs of each system.



We create and install LED lighting systems for cars, motorcycles, campers, industrial vehicles but also for residential and commercial environments

From the simple interior light of a car, to the lights for commercial vehicles to get to more complex systems that we have developed specifically for the Honda Goldwing that can be controlled via the App.


Cutting and Engraving

We have numerically controlled equipment for the creation of customized bespoke pieces.

3 axes, useful working dimensions xyz 1000x600x200 with which we can cut, engrave, model materials such as wood, pvc, plexiglass and aluminum etc.

2 axes, working dimensions 1300×900 + rotating axis allows us to perform cutting and engraving operations on the most varied materials


GPS and Defiscalizers

In collaboration with the most renowned companies in the sector we can offer you geolocation services according to your needs whether you have little means or whether there is the need to control your fleet.

The device allows companies to obtain tax exemption on diesel fuel used by operating machines to produce motive power. The instrument records the revolutions performed by the engine during the hours of operation and allows you to certify the actual consumption of diesel to be admitted to the subsidies.

To offer a better service we are equipped to be able to carry out the installations directly by the customer