Honda Golwing 1800 - Bianca

A new life for this bike!
We have replaced all the LEDs and have gone from the classic RGB to DIGITAL LEDS.
Each one is independent in color, speed, brightness!
Everything is controlled by our electronics with the dedicated JJ LED CONTROLLER APP from which you can control all the plays of light, from the beautiful rainbow game to the flowing Italian flag and even make them go in time with the music.
Another dedicated electronics transforms the front and rear lights (up to 8 channels) into STROBO effect lights
the customizations
– front air deflectors redesigned and made of transparent plexiglass to be able to illuminate them and make them more elegant
– speaker lighting with specific design to house the tweeter.
– custom flags.
– internal exhaust lighting
– rear deflector made to fit the travel bag.

Sound system:
Our new source for all audio has become an 8” Tablet
Volume adjustment / track change / play pause has been made easy with a Bluetooth remote control connected to the tablet and retrieving the unused keys of the motorcycle’s CB.
In any case, the original radio and intercom can continue to be used as before.

The MOSCONI PICO 4|8 DSP amplifier with high resolution 5.0 Audio streaming provides us with power and control thanks to the integrated DSP. This allows us to make crossover filters and equalizations to make the BLAM speakers we have chosen for this installation sound their best.