Honda Golwing 1800 - Carplay / Android Auto

On this bike we have implemented for the first time the integration of a Carplay / Android Auto system with the stock system.
An important change that led us to have to completely replace the original display but still maintaining all the standard functions and displays.

As for the rear speakers, we mounted the support we designed and built for the Honda Goldwing 1800.
It is a completely fiberglass support that can house 165mm speakers with separate Tweeter, all protected by specific grids with drop design and integrated LED lighting.

The Honda logo, the armrests, the button panel covers, all the footrests and many other details have been reconstructed by us in plexiglass in order to better illuminate them.

The lighting is all in RGB color, meaning you can choose color, intensity and change the play of light with a very simple remote control

Let’s not forget the Mosconi Pico 4 | 8 DSP amplifier which provides a power of 4×90 Watts @ 4ohm to the speakers. Its integrated DSP gives the possibility to do equalization, crossover filters and time delays on every single channel, all to better refine the sound.
In addition, the high-quality Bluetooth input allows us to enter directly with the music on the amplifier thus bypassing the original source.